Front-end engineer building modern web applications with React, Redux, and Web3.


Featured Projects

  • Storybook Component Library

    React components for an NFT marketplace were built in isolation using Storybook.

  • Wordle

    Word game recreated with React.

  • OpenSea Integration

    ReactJS + Web3 integration for viewing and buying NFTs from OpenSea directly in OctoFi app.


For any project

Responsive Web Development

Using a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, browser compatibility, and accessibility, I develop websites using a mobile first strategy to ensure they look beautiful and perform flawlessly for everyone on all devices.

Performance Optimization

Analyzing network utilization and page performance allows me to pinpoint bottlenecks in page load, performance, and jankiness. The findings of an analysis can be used as a roadmap to reduce bounce rates and drop-offs, improve user experience, and increase conversion rates.


Attending and speaking at developer groups and conferences allows us all to share our knowledge and master our craft. Given my passion for CSS, I attempt to use every opportunity to share my love for the language.


“Nathan is one of the best CSS developers I have ever worked with. He can handle any task you throw at him, and he is way above the curve when it comes to implementing UI. Great to work with and doesn’t shy away from any challenge.”