Front-end Developer specialized in CSS architecture and performance

About Me

I've been developing front-ends for almost 4 years now. My passion is for CSS development (and any CSS preprocessor especially Sass and Stylus) and front-end architecture. I love tools like Grunt, Gulp and static site generators and I get excited when I find a great new task to run in my workflow. Most of my development is for VML but I try to find time to develop my own projects on the side and contribute to open-source projects on GitHub.

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Sweat It. Get It.

Jade, Stylus, Backbone, Grunt, Sitefinity

League of Captains

Jade, Stylus, Backbone, Grunt

Nonstop Love

Assemble, Sass, Grunt


Adobe CQ5, Handlebars, SASS, Grunt

GCR/TDS Tires & Service

Adobe CQ5, Handlebars, LESS


Adobe CQ5, Handlebars, Sass

Epilepsy in Dogs

Adobe CQ5

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